Bike 7 Pro Wax

Bike 7 Pro Wax

SKU: 006108

Solvent-free wax emulsion for optimal chain lubrication, precise shifting and noiseless transmission.

Easy longterm maintenance.



1. Apply to clean, dry chain.

2. Clean if necessary with Degrease and Clean, rinse and dry.

3. Apply two layers of Pro Wax to the inside of the entire chain, leaving 3 hours between applications.



Wipe the chain with a cloth, apply a layer of Pro Wax and allow to dry.

After 600 km: see point 1.

Drying time depends on ambient temperature and air humidity.


Appearance at 20°C: liquid.
Smell: characteristic.
pH value: 8.0.
Melting point: 0°C.
Boiling point: 100°C.
Relative density at 20°C: 0.900 kg/L.
Water solubility: 100%.
Dynamic viscosity at 20°C: 90 mPa.s.
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C: 97 mm²/s.
Volatile organic compound (VOC): 0.000 g/L.