Namedsport Total Energy Shot

Namedsport Total Energy Shot

SKU: 8063


Stimulating tonic delivering an immediate mental boost
Ideal for endurance sport and for the final sprint
Vitamin B12 helps reduce tiredness and fatigue
Vitamin C ensures regular energy metabolism
Guarana supports energy levels
Formula enriched with 180mg Caffeine and 1000mg Taurine
60ml shot for use on-the-go
Vegan friendly


Nutritional information:    
Energy    206kJ/49kcal    
Fat    0 g    
of which saturated fatty acids    0 g    
Carbohydrates    12 g    
of which sugars    12 g    
Fibre    0 g    
Proteins    0 g    
Sale    0,037 g    
C vitamin    180 mg    
Niacin    36 mg   
Vitamin B12    2,5 mcg    
Magnesium    225 mg