Bike 7 Degrease

Bike 7 Degrease

Degrease is a fast acting, thorough and safe in-depth degreaser for all mechanical bicycle parts and all surfaces. 

Degrease removes oil, grease, tar and adhesive residues without damaging the substrate.

At the same time, Degrease is safe to use on all bicycle components.



Give the product 3 minutes to work its way in before applying a lubricant. 
Brake disks should be blown dry before cleaning. 
Lubricate all moving parts with Lubricate for optimal maintenance.


Colour: colourless.
Odour: slight solvent odour.
Condition at room temperature: liquid.
Boiling point: 138°C - 175°C.
Vapour pressure : 1,0 KPA 20°C.
Density: 0,72 - 25°C.
Flash point: 27°C.
Spontaneous combustion: 208°C.