Electric Bikes

Cahill Cycles are the longest established retailers of Electric Bikes in Ireland.  Throughout the years we have concentrated on quality and value which has kept us as the number 1 choice for customers who wish to purchase an electric bike.


John and Fintan Cahill and their staff are knowledgeable and well trained to advise you on your needs when purchasing an E Bike. At Cahills you can be assured that talking to experienced bicycle mechanics and qualified electric bike technicians will ensure that you make the right choice in purchasing your electric bike.


By choosing Cahill Cycles as your electric bike supplier you can be assured that :

  • You are getting the most suitable bike for your needs

  • We can provide and excellent back up service.

  • We offer the best value

  • Our range of accessories is most comprehensive - Helmets, Clothing, Lights, Carriers, Panniers, Locks, Stands Etc.


Why not choose Cahill Cycles for your electric bike and enjoy the magic of motor power coupled with muscle power.